Sumoylation does not affect DRIL1 localization.

<p>(A) Immunofluorescence of DRIL1 in 293T cells transfected with wt DRIL1, K398R or Kx4R. DNA was counterstained with TO-PRO. (B) wt DRIL1, K398R or Kx4R were expressed in 293T cells and fractions were prepared as described in “<a href="" target="_blank">materials and methods</a>”. Relative nuclear distribution of DRIL1 was determined by SDS-PAGE and western blotting. Purity of fractions was assessed by blotting with antibodies against tubulin (soluble), histone H1 (chromatin) and lamin B (matrix associated region, MAR). (Sh Exp) for short exposure and (Lg Exp) for long exposure.</p>



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