Successive loss of flagellar functionality enables stepwise increases in phagocytic resistance.

<p>(A) FACS analysis and (B) gentamicin protection assay of BMDCs co-incubated with PA14 WT, <i>motAB</i>, <i>motCD, or motABmotCD</i>. (C) FACS analysis of cytochalasin D treated BMDCs co-incubated with GFP-expressing PA14 WT, <i>flgK, motAB</i>, <i>motCD,</i> or <i>motABmotCD</i>. (D) Adherent macrophage assay of cells co-incubated with PA14 WT, <i>motAB, motCD, or motABmotCD</i> bacteria at 4°C, warmed to 37 °C, or treated with gentamicin after warming to 37 °C. (E) Gentamicin protection assay of murine peritoneal macrophages co-incubated as indicated with <i>P. aeruginosa</i> PA14 WT or <i>V. cholerae</i> O395 WT in 70 mM, 18 mM, 9 mM, or 4.5 mM NaCl buffers, or in 15 mM NaCl buffer with 135 mM choline chloride. Recovered CFUs are normalized against recovery in HBSS (138 mM NaCl). N≥5, *p<0.05.</p>