Structural analysis of A<i>β</i><sub>42</sub> monomers in a POPC bilayer.

2013-11-07T03:27:15Z (GMT) by Chetan Poojari Birgit Strodel
<p>(A) Backbone root mean square deviation, (B) backbone root mean square fluctuation, (C) center of mass motion of residues 25 to 30, (D) number of transmembrane residues in <i>β</i> conformation for the <i>β</i>-sheet monomer of wild type and mutant A<i>β</i><sub>42</sub> : black, WT; magenta, E22G; ochre, D23G; red, E22G/D23G; blue, K16M/K28M; green, K16M/E22G/D23G/K28M.</p>




CC BY 4.0