Strategy for selection of markers for marker-assisted backcross breeding program.

Example is given for consensus chromosome of group 1. Names of the GRRs are provided on the right side of a consensus chromosome. In the nomenclature of GRRs (e.g. ‘1S0.8’), the first digit represents wheat homoeologous group followed by the arm location either as short arm (S) or long arm (L). The last two numeral numbers represent GRR location as fraction length (FL) of the chromosome (e.g. 0.8 for ‘1S0.8’). Along with GRRs the recombination in cM observed for particular GRRs is also given. On the left side of the consensus chromosome, * denotes the number of markers selected for a particular GRR region. Number of markers selected for each GRR was variable. For example the regions showing high recombination, like GRR 1L0.9, three markers were selected, two flanking and one from the middle of the GRR, whereas in the case of a GRR like 1S0.4, only two markers flanking the GRR was selected.