Strain induces the activation of latent TGFβ in human gingival fibroblasts.

2013-02-20T18:25:24Z (GMT) by Fen Guo David E. Carter Andrew Leask

As described in Methods, equal numbers of HGF were seeded into plates containing collagen type I-coated membranes, and were treated with or without mechanical strain for 24 hours. As described in methods, ELISA was used to detect total and activated TGFβ in the presence or absence of DMSO, blebbistatin (which blocks activation of TGFβ by impairing actin/myosin-dependent cell contraction [24], [29], [30]) or the FAK/src inhibitor PP2. Note induction of active TGFβ at the 24 hour time-point in the presence of strain and DMSO relative to cells treated with blebbistatin, strain and PP2, and control cells not subjected to strain. Data shown are the average value from three independent individuals (3 replicates per experiment) ±SE. ** = p<0.01.