Serum HBV DNA titer, HBeAg level, and genotype are associated with cccDNA CpG island II methylation.

<p>(A) Correlation between serum HBV DNA levels and cccDNA CpG island II methylation in patients with chronic HBV infection (r2 = 0.18, P<0.05). (B) The density of CpG island II methylation was significantly higher in patients with low serum HBV DNA level (Log10HBV DNA<5) compared to those with high serum HBV DNA level (Log10HBV DNA≥5). (C) HBeAg-negative patients had higher rate of cccDNA CpG II methylation than HBeAg-positive patients. (D) Genotype C HBV patients had higher rate of CpG II methylation than patients with genotype B HBV infection.</p>