Sequence alignment of the amino acid sequences of the ovine, caprine, human and monkey Prt (prion protein testis-specific).

Top lane: complete ovine Prt sequence GenBank: ABO86196.1. Second lane: complete caprine Prt sequence, GenBank: CAL85353.1. Third lane: truncated (42–94 a.a.) human Prt sequence, UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: Q86SH4.1. Forth lane: truncated (42–94 a.a.) Rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta) Prt sequence, NCBI Reference Sequence: XP_001112273.2. Blue letters with arrows on top: different amino acids between sheep and goat Prt; Asterisk (*) denotes identical residue; colon (:), conservative change; period (.), related substitution. Dark red indicates residues aligned in a similar fashion among all the individual MSAs; Dark yellow, orange and red residues can be considered to be reliably aligned. Alignment using the M-Coffee program [28].