Sepsis survival and severity in wild type and granzyme B null mice in a rapidly fatal (severe) CLP model.

<p><b>A.</b> Granzyme B null (−/−) mice had lower sepsis scores than wild type mice at every time point. For example, at 22 hours, the mean±SEM wild type score was 9.0±0.8 while the granzyme B null score was 6.8±0.7 (*p = 0.04) <b>B.</b> Kaplan-Meier survival curve for wild type and granzyme B null (−/−) mice in hours after CLP. Granzyme B null (−/−) mice survived longer following severe CLP than wild type mice (p = 0.0019 by Cox Proportional Hazard Regression). <b>C.</b> Endotoxin concentrations (EU/mL) were measured in granzyme B null and wild type mouse plasma. Differences between the two mouse strains were not statistically significant. <b>D.</b> Representative photomicrographs of lung and spleen in sepsis are shown. Platelet infiltration, assayed by CD41 (brown) staining, was visibly widespread and similar between wild type and granzyme B null mice in both organs. Photomicrographs were taken at 10X magnification.</p>



CC BY 4.0