Sec3 and Exo70 are redundantly required for the localization of the exocyst to cell poles.

A. Sec5-GFP, Exo70-GFP and Sec3-GFP localization in indicated genotypes at 25°C, showing Sec5 localizes to sites of growth in sec3Δ cells and Sec3 and Exo70 localize independently of each other. B. Localization of Sec5-GFP and Exo84-GFP in wildtype, sec3-2, exo70Δ and double mutants grown for 90 min at 36°C, showing loss of pole localization only in double mutants. Note that there is a weak residual localization to septated regions. All images are maximum projection of spinning disk confocal sections. Bars are 5 µm.