Screening for CMV specific T cells with three different Class I-tetramers.

<p>PBMC from 4 healthy CMV pp65 responding donor were stimulated for 8 day with a mixture of 15 amino acid long overlapping peptides spanning the entire pp65 protein. The cells were analyzed pp65 specific responses using the IC-IFNγ assay and stained for CD8, CD69 and intracellular IFNγ (top panel). The donors were screened for HLA-A*0101 restricted pp65<sub>363–373</sub>, the HLA-A*0201 restricted pp65<sub>495–503</sub>, and the HLA-B*0702 restricted pp65<sub>417–426</sub> specific T cells. Staining the cells with CD8 and each of the three tetramers, HLA-A*0101-pp65<sub>363–373</sub>, HLA-A*0201-pp65<sub>495–503</sub>, and HLA-B*0702-pp65<sub>417–426</sub>. The dot plot shows the gated CD8 T cells. Numbers in the upper right quadrant of each plot are the percentage of epitope specific CD8 T cells.</p>




CC BY 4.0