Score plots of individual blocks and global scores of consensus principal component analysis (CPCA).

<p>ATR-FTIR of <b>(a)</b> (ATI) intact pollen, <b>(b)</b> (ATG) ground pollen; <b>(c)</b> (KBR) Transmission FTIR of KBr pellets; Transmission IR microspectroscopy of <b>(d)</b> (MGR) multigrain and <b>(e)</b> (SGR) single grain; Raman spectroscopy of <b>(f)</b> (RMS) saccus region and <b>(g)</b> (RMC) corpus region of single pollen grain; <b>(h)</b> Global scores. Samples are labelled in accordance to pollen genus: Abies (red), Picea (green), Pinus (blue), Podocarpus (magenta), and Cedrus (cyan). The percent variances for the PCs are given in supplementary part.</p>