Schematic drawing of the localizations of the CCHamide-2 immunoreactive neurons and neuropil in the CNS of third instar larvae.

<p>The drawing shows the two hemispheres and the ventral nerve cord. The central neuropil of the larval CNS (stained with a synapsin mouse monoclonal antibody, cf. <a href="" target="_blank">Figure 6 and Figure 7</a>) is outlined by green lines and shades. Neuronal perikarya and neuropil are drawn in red. Weakly immunoreactive perikarya are drawn as open red symbols. The perikarya indicated by 1 and 2 in the right hemisphere are located dorsally in each hemisphere; the perikarya indicated by 4, and 5, and 6 are located in the ventral parts of the hemispheres. The neuropils indicated by 3 as red dots in the anterior parts of the central neuropil are located partially ventrally and partially medially between the levels of the neurons 1 and 4. All perikarya in the ventral nerve cord are located in the ventral part of this nerve cord. They belong to the three fused thoracic ganglia.</p>