Schematic circular diagrams of the Se4047 (A) and SzH70 genomes (B).

Key for the circular diagrams (outside to inside): scale (in Mb); annotated CDSs colored according to predicted function represented on a pair of concentric circles, representing both coding strands; orthologue matches shared with the Streptococcal species, Se4047 or SzH70, SzMGCS10565, S. uberis 0140J, S. pyogenes Manfredo, S. mutans UA159, S. gordonii Challis CH1, S. sanguinis SK36, S. pneumoniae TIGR4, S. agalactiae NEM316, S. suis P1/7, S. thermophilus CNRZ1066, blue; orthologue matches shared with Lactococcus lactis subspecies lactis, green; G+C% content plot; G+C deviation plot (>0%, olive, <0%, purple). Color coding for CDS functions: dark blue, pathogenicity/adaptation; black, energy metabolism; red, information transfer; dark green, surface-associated; cyan, degradation of large molecules; magenta, degradation of small molecules; yellow, central/intermediary metabolism; pale green, unknown; pale blue, regulators; orange, conserved hypothetical; brown, pseudogenes; pink, phage and IS elements; grey, miscellaneous. The positions of the four prophage and two ICESe present in the Se4047 genome, and two ICESz in the SzH70 genome, are indicated.