Sample characteristics and results for non-parametric group comparison tests (Mann-Whitney and Chi-Square) between pain groups (T3), on socio-demographic, clinical and psychological measures at T1 and T2.

<p>Note. Continuous variables are presented as median (range); categorical variables are presented as <i>n</i> (%); T1–24 hours before surgery; T2–48 hours after surgery; T3–4–6 months after surgery;</p>1<p>BMI = body mass index;</p>2<p>Comorbidities total = number of comorbid health conditions;</p>3<p>NRS(BPI) = Numerical Rating Scale 0–10 from Brief Pain Inventory;</p>4<p>Pain Total Interference Scale 0–70 from Brief Pain Inventory (BPI);</p>5<p>Type of anesthesia: Anesthesia loco-regional alone: BSA or epidural vs Anesthesia loco-regional (BSA or epidural)+peripheral nerve blocks (PNB);</p>6<p>Pain Frequency: constant pain vs intermittent or brief pain, assessed via frequency subscale of McGill Pain Questionnaire;</p>a<p>HADS = Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale;</p>b<p>IPQ-R = Illness Perception Questionnaire-Revised.</p>