Salsolinol increases frequency of spontaneous EPSCs (sEPSCs) recorded from p-VTA DA neurons.

2013-02-20T05:19:01Z (GMT) by Guiqin Xie Jiang-Hong Ye
<p>EPSCs were recorded in the presence of bicuculline (10 µM) at a holding potential of −70 mV. A1, Traces obtained at the times indicated in A2. A2, Time course of 0.1 µM salsolinol-induced enhancement of sEPSC frequency in one experiment. B, C, Cumulative probability plots of data from the same cell show effects of salsolinol (0.1 µM) on sEPSC frequency (B) and amplitudes (C). Insets: mean data (± S.E.M., from seven neurons). *P<0.05, **P<0.01, paired t-test for salsolinol vs. pre-salsolinol control.</p>