SR-uPA<sup>+/0</sup> macrophages are polarized to adopt M2 phenotype.

<p><b>A.</b> Expression of M2 genes measured by <i>qrtPCR</i> in SR-uPA<sup>+/0</sup> and NTG macrophages. Columns represent the mean of arbitrary <i>C</i> units normalized to <i>Gapdh</i>, error bars are S.D., n = 5 mice per genotype. <b>B.</b> Increase in expression of markers of M2 activation in response to IL-4 (10 ng/ml) in SR-uPA<sup>+/0</sup> and NTG bone marrow derived macrophages. Columns represent means and error bars represent S.E.M. <i>P</i> values are calculated by Mann-Whitney as data were non-parametric, n = 5–6 mice per genotype. <b>C.</b> Production of TNF-alpha protein after serial treatment with IL-4 followed by LPS in SR-uPA<sup>+/0</sup> and NTG macrophages. Circles represent the mean of duplicate samples from individual mice, n  = 3 mice per genotype. <b>D.</b> Fold increase in expression of TNF-alpha mRNA after treatment with LPS or LPS+IL-4 in SR-uPA<sup>+/0</sup> and NTG macrophages, n  = 4 mice per genotype. <b>E.</b> Arginase activity in conditioned media from SR-uPA<sup>+/0</sup> and NTG macrophages. N = 4 mice per genotype <b>F.</b> Immunoblot for Arg1 in protein extract from SR-uPA<sup>+/0</sup> and NTG macrophages.</p>




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