SR-uPA+/0 macrophages adopt full M2 phenotype in the heart.

Picrosirius red stain for collagen in hearts from A. 5 weeks old, B. 7 weeks old, and C. 11 weeks old SR-uPA+/0 mice. Bars represent 100 µm. D. Fold increase in expression of Arg1, Ym1 and Fizz1 mRNA in CD-45+ cell fractions from hearts of SR-uPA+/0 mice at time-points of increasing fibrosis. Star (*) indicates significant P values versus 4–5 week time-point. N  = 4–7 mice per time-point. E. Comparison of Arg1 expression from bone marrow macrophages, cardiac macrophages (CD45+) and cardiac CD45 negative fraction (CD45–). Pound (#) indicates significant P values versus other cell types, n  = 6–7 mice per condition. F. Arginase activity in cardiac explant conditioned media from SR-uPA+/0 and NTG hearts, n  = 7–8 mice per genotype.




CC BY 4.0