SFN inhibits mPGES-1 expression and PGE2 production in tumors <i>in vivo</i>.

<p>2.5 × 10<sup>6</sup> A549 cells were injected subcutaneously on the flank of athymic nude mice. After 6 weeks, animals were treated with PBS vehicle (control) or 0.5 mg SFN by intraperitoneal injection and sacrificed 24 hours later. Tumor tissue samples were weighed and frozen for subsequent RT-PCR assay (A), immunoblot analysis (B) and PGE2 measurement (C). The results in A and B are expressed as fold changes relative to PBS treated mice (mean ± SEM; n = 4). *, P<0.05, **, P<0.01, (Student's t test). Four mice in each group (PBS vehicle or SFN treated) were used in this experiment.</p>