SBEs suppress the activity of FGF-responsive elements within the <i>Otx</i> a-enhancer.

2013-10-03T01:46:33Z (GMT) by Naoyuki Ohta Yutaka Satou
<p>(A–C) In situ hybridization showing a <i>LacZ</i> reporter gene expression in embryos electroporated with (A) <i>Otx[a]>LacZ</i> and (B, C) <i>Otx[SBE-a]>LacZ</i>. The embryo shown in (C) was treated with dorsomorphin. Black arrowheads indicate reporter gene expression in cells with endogenous <i>Otx</i> expression. Red and blue arrowheads indicate ectopic expression and expression in vegetal cells, respectively. (D) Proportion of embryos expressing the reporter gene in a6.5 and b6.5 (black bars) and in the epidermal lineage (red bars). Error bars indicate standard errors between three independent experiments. Note that due to mosaic incorporation of the fusion gene, not all ectodermal cells have the transgene.</p>



CC BY 4.0