RvD1 drives polarization of alternatively activated macrophages.

<p>Mice were exposed to air or CS with or without RvD1 as described. (<b>A</b>) Expression of Arg-1 was measured in whole lung homogenates by Western blotting. Each lane represents one animal. <b>B–F:</b> Alveolar macrophages were enriched from BAL cells by adherence and total RNA was extracted and subjected to quantitative RT-PCR to measure mRNA levels of <i>Arg1</i> (<b>B</b>), <i>Mrc1</i> (<b>C</b>), <i>IL-10</i> (<b>D</b>), <i>iNOS</i> (<b>E</b>) and <i>TNFα</i> (<b>F</b>). Mean ± SEM is shown, normalized to 18S rRNA. Each group n = 6 for Arg1, Mrc1 and IL-10; n = 3 for iNOS and TNFα. <sup>#</sup>P<0.05, <sup>##</sup>P<0.01, compared to Vehicle/Air animal by one-way ANOVA with Bonferroni post-tests; *P<0.05, **P<0.01, ***P<0.001 versus Vehicle/Smoke animal by two-way ANOVA with Bonferroni post-test. ‡P<0.05 between RvD1/Air and RvD1/Smoke, ANOVA.</p>