Role of periostin in inducing inflammatory responses <i>in vivo</i>.

<p><b>A-B</b>: Gelfoam patches containing PBS (Control, n = 6) or recombinant periostin (rPeriostin, n = 7) were placed into periaortic spaces of mice for 7 days. Representative images show mouse aortic walls, stained with hematoxylin/eosin (HE) or with antibodies against periostin, phosphorylated FAK (pFAK), or MCP-1 (<b>A</b>). Infiltrating cells were counted in 5-10 high-power fields (<b>B</b>). Data are mean ± SE. *<i>p</i><0.05 compared to Control. <b>C</b>: Schematic diagram represents the proposed vicious cycle of periostin upregulation driven by mechanical strain through activation of FAK, resulting in the maintenance of inflammation in AAA.</p>