Retrospective predictions of the wealth inequality in the US.

<p>The blue and red curves present the historical market behavior and the model behavior for the historical values of the parameters, respectively (see <a href="" target="_blank">Fig 4</a>). The results for the various scenarios during 1980–2010 (A) and during 2000–2010 (B) are also presented: Unchanged parameter scenario (solid black curve), decreasing savings scenario (red diamonds), decreasing savings and increasing <i>α</i> scenario (red stars) and increasing savings and decreasing <i>α</i> scenario (green crosses). The significant difference between the results for the increasing savings and decreasing <i>α</i> scenario in (A) and (B) is due to the fast savings fraction increase in (B) (from 4% to 15% within 10 years), compared to a mild increase in (A) (from 7% to 15% within 30 years). The dotted gray line separates the calculation using historical parameter values and the retrospective prediction.</p>