Resveratrol regulates the expression of genes implicated in osteogenesis and adipogenesis.

<p><b>A</b>). Representative gel images of gene expression examined by semi-quantitative RT-PCR on cells subjected to concurrent treatment of BM/resveratrol with OIM for 3 days (OIM 3D-CT) or 7 days (OIM 7D-CT), or cells pretreated with BM/resveratrol for 12 days followed by 3 days of OIM (12D PT-3D OIM) or 7 days of AIM (12D PT–7D AIM) exposure. Expression of internal control gene <i>Hsp90</i> from the same batch of <i>cDNA</i> for each gene is shown in the bottom row. <b>B</b>). Expression of each gene in resveratrol treated cells was quantified relative to that in BM treated cells and normalized by the expression of housekeeping gene <i>Hsp90</i>. Data shown are the mean values of three repeats. Error bars represent standard deviation. Concentration unit: µM. *: p<0.05 vs. BM. **: p = 0.055 vs. BM.</p>