Residual enzyme activity after <i>in vivo</i> inhibition.

<p>AChE activity (mU/mg protein) in susceptible (SS) and resistant (RR) lice after treatment with 0 μgL<sup>-1</sup> (control) or 2 μgL<sup>-1</sup> azamethiphos for 24 hours. No difference was observed between the control groups. A statistically significant decrease in the residual activity after 2 μgL<sup>-1</sup> azamethiphos treatment was found in both strains (p<0.0001, Steel-Dwass method). In addition, there was a statistically significant difference between the two treated groups (SS-2 μgL<sup>-1</sup> and RR-2 μgL<sup>-1</sup>; p = 0.019, Steel-Dwass method) indicating a protective effect of the <i>Phe362Tyr</i> mutation against azamethiphos bath treatment). The box plots indicate the group median, 75% and 25% quantiles, and whiskers (JMP, SAS institute). Different letters indicate a statistically significant difference.</p>