Rescue of growth of the <i>pmr1-Δ pmc1-Δ</i> double mutant by CaCl<sub>2</sub> and MnCl<sub>2</sub>.

<p>Cell suspensions with equal densities were spotted onto corresponding media and grown for 2 days. The experiment was performed using serial dilutions of cell suspensions (<a href="" target="_blank">S5 Fig</a>) and a representative dilution is shown in this figure. <i>PMR1 pmc1-Δ</i> and <i>pmr1-Δ pmc1-Δ</i>, the 1MA77/12/GAP2-Δpmc strain with or without the <i>PMR1-</i>containing plasmid, respectively; <i>PMR1 PMC1</i> and <i>pmr1-Δ PMC1</i>, the 1MA77/12/GAP2 strain with or without the <i>PMR1-</i>containing plasmid, respectively.</p>