Reorganization of cellular PML proteins in AdEasyE1 and AdEasyE1Δ2347-infected, IFN-treated and untreated HFFs.

2012-08-09T01:18:59Z (GMT) by Jasdave S. Chahal Ji Qi S. J. Flint

HFFs grown on coverslips were IFN treated (+) or untreated (−) and infected with 30 p.f.u./cell AdEasyE1 (WT) (panels i–p) or AdEasyE1Δ2347 (Δ2347) (panels q–x), or mock infected (M) (panels a–h), and stained for the cellular Pml (green) and the adenovirus E4 Orf3 (red) proteins as described in Materials and Methods. DNA was DAPI stained (blue) and cells examined by confocal microscopy. Z-stack projections of representative fields are shown. Spherical Pml-bodies and track-like structures containing both the Pml and E4 Orf3 proteins are indicated by yellow and white arrows, respectively.