Relative expression of the antimicrobial peptides.

<p>Expression levels of (A) hymenoptaecin (values zero skew log transformed as: ln (fold change in hymenoptaecin expression – 0.1952191) normalised to a noninfected control), (B) abaecin (box-cox transformed: Fold change<sup>−1.0302212</sup>/−0.0302212, normalised to a noninfected control) and (C) defensin (box-cox transformed: Fold change<sup>−0.955746</sup>/0.044254, normalised to a noninfected control) across four <i>B.terrestris</i> colonies (host lines) in response to four different <i>Crithidia</i> isolates (see in-graph legend). Points represent the means and error bars represent the standard errors.</p>