Relative expression of <i>IDO</i> decreases in CDL patients after treatment and is correlated with <i>IFNG</i>.

<p>RNA was isolated from biopsies of lesions from CDL patients (n = 11) before and after treatment and the expression of <i>FOXP3</i> (<b>A</b>), <i>IFNG</i> (<b>B</b>), <i>IL10</i> (<b>C</b>) and <i>IDO</i> (<b>D</b>) was measured by qRT-PCR. The expression of each gene relative to healthy skin of four normal controls was calculated using the ΔΔCT method. <b>E</b>. Correlation between the relative expression of <i>IDO</i> and <i>FOXP3</i> (left panel) or <i>IFNG</i> (right panel). *p<0.05, Wilcoxon signed-rank test.</p>