Relationship between respiratory response and metabolic pathways of S. Derby and S. Mbandaka.

<p>Respiratory responses which distinguish <i>S</i>. Derby and <i>S</i>. Mbandaka under aerobic conditions at 25°C and the corresponding metabolic pathway for the metabolism of the compound from uptake to glycolysis. Only <i>S</i>. Mbandaka respires on D-galactonic acid-g-lactone (DGL) (a), this can be attributed to the lack of pathway genes (e) (KEGG map 00052, created 31/5/12). Likewise, <i>S</i>. Derby is unable to respire on D-glucosaminic acid (DGA) while <i>S</i>. Mbandaka can (c) yet both serovars possess the same pathway genes (g) (KEGG map 00030, created 9/3/13). For both DGL and DGA there were gaps in the SEEDmodel reconstruction which prevented the metabolism of the compounds, these were filled using ECBLAST and SEEDviewer BLASTp (yellow stars). Both serovars contain the same pathway genes for the metabolism of mucic acid (f) (KEGG map 00053, created 28/9/09) yet the area under the respiratory curve for this compound, and not the log phase gradient or lag phase, was significantly greater for <i>S</i>. Derby (b).</p>