Reduced outer hair cell reactive oxygen species levels with JAK2/STAT3 inhibition.

<p>Mice were given a single injection of JSI-124 (1 mg/kg) at 1 hour prior to noise exposure (NE). (A) Representative images of surface preparations of the four different treatment groups (Control, JSI-124, NE, and JSI-124+NE) showed increased fluorescent intensity (CellROX Green, 488) at 2 hours following NE. Pre-treatment with JSI-124 reduced reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels relative to NE alone. Each of the images was taken from the mid-basal turn and each figure is representative of 3 individual mice analyzed for each treatment group. (B) Quantification of CellROX fluorescent intensity demonstrated a significant decrease in ROS levels in the JSI-124+NE group relative to the NE group. Data presented as mean+SEM, n = 6 cochlea/group. *<i>P</i><0.05.</p>