Recombinant plasmid constructs.

<p>pStx2 is the pGEM-T plasmid with the <i>stx2</i> locus cloned in the same direction that <i>lacZ</i> promoter. pr1-eGFP and pr7-eGFP are reporter plasmids with the region pr1 or pr7 driving eGFP expression, and Δpr-eGFP is a construction lacking the wild CMV promoter and was used as negative control. Linear pr1-eGFP and pr7-eGFP were obtained after digestion with PciI. In pr1ΔTATA-eGFP and pr7ΔTATA-eGFP TATA Box sequence has been replaced by BamHI restriction site. <i>Stx2</i> linear DNA was obtained after digestion with EcoRI.</p>



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