Recognition of MPT83 during <i>M. tuberculosis</i> infection in humans.

<p>Antigen-specific T cell responses were measured in PBMC from <i>M. tuberculosis</i>-infected subjects (TB) (<i>n</i> = 28) and tuberculin skin test-negative subjects (TST−ve) (<i>n</i> = 20). (A) T cell proliferation in response to <i>M. tuberculosis</i> CFP (circles) or rMPT83 (triangles) protein at 10 µg/ml was measured by the net incorporation of <sup>3</sup>H-thymidine; and (B) T cell production of IFN-γ following antigen stimulation was measured by ELISA. Horizontal lines represent the median for each group. The statistical significances were determined by the Mann-Whitney <i>U</i>-test (****, <i>p</i>≤0.0001).</p>



CC BY 4.0