Receptor remains bound to PA domain 4 at pH 5.1.

<p><b>A</b>) A subset of the 1D slices of the [<sup>15</sup>N,<sup>1</sup>H] TROSY-HSQC spectra highlighting several cross-peaks without saturation at pH 5.1 (left panels) or with saturation at pH 5.1 (right panels). Cross-peaks representing PA domain 2 and 4 contact residues are indicated with red and blue labels, respectively. <b>B</b>) A plot of the intensity ratio (I<sub>s</sub>/I<sub>o</sub>) from the transferred cross saturation of (PA<sub>63</sub>)<sub>7</sub> to interacting residues on the ANTXR2 VWA domain. Significant cross saturation (I<sub>s</sub>/I<sub>o</sub>≤0.75) is indicated with a single asterisk, and highly significant (I<sub>s</sub>/I<sub>o</sub>≤0.5) is indicated with a double asterisk. For all graphs the errors were calculated by propagating the base-plane noise, which was derived from the signal-to-noise ratios of both interleaved experiments. The data was taken from two separate experiments performed at pH 5.1 and pH 5.15 and the average was derived from these experiments.</p>




CC BY 4.0