Quantitative analysis of specific binding of D2-like receptors in the prenatally saline or LPS treated offspring at P35 and P60.

<p>(A, B) are from striatal/accumbens and (C, D) are from prefrontal cortex (PFC) brain regions. Specific binding to the D2 like receptors was significantly decreased in PFC of LPS treated offspring at both P35 (**<i>p</i><0.01) (C) and P60 (*<i>p</i><0.05) (D). Further analysis of the data revealed that while there is no subregion-specific change in D2 binding at P35 (E), D2 like binding was significantly decreased in IL/PL subregion of mPFC at P60 (**<i>p</i><0.01) which indicates age-specific changes in the expression of D2 like receptors as a result of prenatal exposure to LPS (F). Values are expressed as mean±SEM. (IL/PL; Infralimbic/prelimbic corteces, Cg; cingulate gyrus, M2; secondary motor cortex, Str; Dorsal striatum, Nacc core; Nucleus accumbens core, Nacc shell; Nucleus accumbens shell).</p>