Quantitative analysis of nerve fiber density and the total number of neurons in the myenteric ganglia.

<p>Nerve fiber density quantified per 2mm<sup>2</sup> area in cross sections of the distal colon <b>(A)</b>. The total number of myenteric neurons per 2mm<sup>2</sup> area in LMMP wholemount preparations <b>(B)</b>. <i>n</i> = 4/group/time point. ^<i>P</i> < .05, ^^<i>P</i> < .01, ^^^<i>P</i> < .001 compared to sham-treated group. *<i>P</i> < .05, **<i>P</i> < .01, ***<i>P</i> < .001 compared to MSC and CM-treated groups.</p>