Quantitative analyses of the effect of muscimol- and control PBS-injection on V1-activation.

2014-08-26T07:23:50Z (GMT) by Susanne Dehmel Siegrid Löwel
<p>Data of the the injected (left) and non-injected (right) V1 are shown. (A, B) Muscimol reliably blocked both ipsilateral (A) and contralateral eye evoked activity in the left V1 (B), reduced ipsilateral but not contralateral eye evoked V1-activity in the right V1 (C, D), while PBS-injection in a control group of animals had no significant effect (E–H). Evoked responses shown as line plots from single animals (top; each line represents data from one animal before/after the muscimol- or PBS-injection, p of paired t-tests are given), bar plots with group averages (middle plots) and mediolateral profiles (bottom plots, X-axis in 150 pixels equaling 3600 µm) before (black) and after injection (red).</p>