Proximal Displacement of Nephron Segment Boundaries and Convolution of the Proximal Nephron

<div><p>(A and B) <i>nbc1</i> in situ hybridization at 24 hpf (A) and at 72 hpf (B).</p> <p>(C and D) <i>trpM7</i> in situ staining at 24 hpf (C, yolk is stripped) and at 72 hpf (D).</p> <p>(E and F) <i>ret</i>:GFP-positive domain in live zebrafish at 30 hpf (E) and at 6 dpf (F).</p> <p>In (A–F), brackets show the pronephric <i>nbc1-</i>, <i>trpM7</i>-, and <i>ret-</i>positive segments.</p> <p>(G and H) Immunofluorescence staining for alpha1A4 subunit of the NaK ATPase at 24 hpf (G) and at 72 hpf (H).</p></div>