Protocol for administering antibiotics by gavage ensures mice health.

<p>(<b>A</b>) Sketch of protocol for gavage administration of vancomycin 50 mg/kg (V), neomycin 100 mg/kg (N), metronidazol 100 mg/kg (M), and amphotericin-B 1 mg/kg (Amf-B) every 12 hours with ampicillin 1 g/l <i>ad libitum</i> in drinking water (A). (<b>B</b>) Body weight, presented as percent of base line ( = Day 0), of mice successfully depleted of cultivable fecal microbiota by gavage (VNMAmf-B+A) or gavaged with water in equivalent volume and frequency (Sham). Control mice received water <i>ad libitum</i> only</p>