Protein and mRNA expression of myosin IC isoform A in prostate and tumor tissues of wild type and TRAMP mice.

Prostate tissue extracts consisting of dorsal, lateral, and ventral (DLV) or lateral and ventral (LV) prostate from 22 weeks of age TRAMP or age matched wild type mice were analyzed for protein and mRNA expression as were tissue extracts from lung and liver metastases of TRAMP and matched tissues of wild type mice. A) Representative immunoblots of mouse tissue extracts that were analyzed using the indicated antibodies. Relevant molecular weight markers are indicated on the left in kD. B) Histogram presenting the average densitometric intensity of isoform A expression normalized to actin. C) Quantitative real-time PCR analysis of mRNAs expression levels of myosin IC isoform A normalized to GAPDH. Results are presented as means ± standard deviation; n = 3–6 (number of tissues tested each from a different animal). *p<0.01 compared to normal tissue.