Proliferation of CD8+ T cells during co-cultivation with autologous DC that had been pre-infected with wt RSV or its NS1/2 deletion mutants.

<p><b>A.</b> Extent of CD8+ T cell proliferation in response to co-culture with DC pre-infected with wt RSV or the NS1/2 deletion mutants, normalized to results with wt RSV assigned the value of 100% (dotted line). A total of 10 donors were analyzed, indicated individually by symbols, with all viruses compared in parallel for each donor. The horizontal bars represent the mean values. For wt RSV, the mean extent of CD8+ T cell proliferation (7.2%) is expressed as a percentage of the total CD8+ T cell population. No statistically significant difference between T cells co-cultivated with DC infected with various viruses was found. <b>B.</b> Example of primary flow cytometry data using cells from one representative donor; the percentage of each proliferated population is indicated.</p>