Presence of immune cells in tumors of STSA-1 xenografted mice 7 days after GLV-1h68-, GLV-1h109- or PBS-treatments.

<p>Percentage of (A) Gr-1<sup>high</sup>CD11b<sup>+</sup> (MDSCs, granulocytes), (B) Gr-1<sup>int</sup>CD11b<sup>+</sup> (MDSCs, monocytes), (C) F4/80<sup>+</sup>CD45<sup>+</sup> (macrophages) or (D) MHCII<sup>+</sup>CD45<sup>+</sup> (mainly B cells, macrophages and dendritic cells) cells in tumors of STSA-1 xenografted mice. Experiments were done twice with at least 3 mice per group. The data are presented as mean values +/- SD. The statistical significance was analyzed using one-way ANOVA followed Bonferronìs multiple comparison test (***P<0.001, **P<0.01, *P<0.05). The Anti-Gr-1 mAb (RB6-8C5) has long been used to stain MDSCs and allows the distinction of at least two subsets of granulocytes (Gr-1<sup>high</sup>CD11b<sup>+</sup>) and monocytic cells (Gr-1<sup>int</sup>CD11b<sup>+</sup>).</p>