Predictive model of the molecular interaction between ERK1/2 and StAR.

<p>The reconstruction of molecular interaction of ERK2 and StAR was performed using PyMOL (DeLano Scientific, USA; <a href="" target="_blank"></a>). ERK2 (Protein Data Bank code 2GPH) is represented in blue and StAR (START domain in StartD4 from <i>Mus musculus</i>) in green. In this model, StAR is located in the docking groove of ERK2. The active center of ERK2 is in dark red. The CD domain of ERK2, represented in yellow, includes Asp<sup>316</sup> and Asp<sup>319</sup> in contact with the D domain of StAR. Lys<sup>174</sup> and Lys<sup>176</sup>, corresponding to Lys<sup>235</sup> and Lys<sup>237</sup> of StAR sequence in <i>Mus musculus</i> are represented in orange, and Ser<sup>171</sup>, corresponding to Ser<sup>232</sup> of murine StAR, in dark pink.</p>