Predicted consumer biomass and production by location.

2015-07-30T04:46:50Z (GMT) by Simon Jennings Kate Collingridge
<p>Estimated biomass and production of consumers of 1 to 10<sup>6</sup> g body mass by LME and FAO area as predicted with the macroecological model. Points represent median biomass estimates, coloured bars (mapped to sea surface temperature) the 25<sup>th</sup> to 75<sup>th</sup> percentiles and black lines the 5<sup>th</sup> to 95<sup>th</sup> percentiles. For corresponding absolute estimates of biomass and production see <a href="" target="_blank">S3 Fig</a> and for further details of the LME see <a href="" target="_blank">S2 Table</a>. Uncertainty intervals show the effects of parameter uncertainty in the macroecological model but do not account for structural uncertainty or uncertainty in primary production and temperature inputs.</p>