Postcranial materials of <i>Chuanqilong chaoyangensis</i>.

<p><b>A</b>, right scapula in lateral view; <b>B</b>, left humerus in cranial view; <b>C</b>, right humerus in lateral view; <b>D</b>, left ulna in medial view; <b>E</b>, left radius in medial view; <b>F</b>, disarticulated left metacarpals and phalanges; <b>G</b>, right femur in caudal view; <b>H</b>, left femur in cranial view; <b>I</b>, articulated left tibia and fibula in cranial view; <b>J</b>, right metatarsals in cranial view; unguals in both cranial and caudal view. Note that due to compression of the right femur, the cranial trochanter is visible in posterior view whereas it would normally be obscured. <b>Abbreviations</b>: <b>dc</b>, deltopectoral crest; <b>fh</b>, femoral head; <b>fi</b>, fibula; <b>fth</b>, fourth trochanter; <b>gt</b>, greater trochanter; <b>lc</b>, lateral condyle; <b>ct</b>, cranial trochanter; <b>mc</b>, medial condyle; <b>ti</b>, tibia. [planned for page width].</p>