Polarized light micrographs of eucalypt ectomycorrhizae after clarification.

<p>(a) Ectomycorrhizal and non-colonized fine lateral roots of <i>E. grandis</i> X <i>E. urophilla</i> hybrids. Calcium oxalate crystals (CaOx) in ectomycorrhizae (EC), and root hairs (RH) in non-colonized fine lateral roots. Scale bar = 100 µm. (b) Transverse section of ectomycorrhizae. Root cortex (C), root epidermis (RE), mycorrhizal mantle (M) and calcium oxalate crystal (CaOx) within a root cortex cell. Scale bar = 20 µm. (c–d) Crystal sand (CS) calcium oxalate in ectomycorrhizal fragments (EC). Scale bar = 50 µm. (e–f) Concretion (Con) calcium oxalate crystal in ectomycorrhizal fragments (EC). Scale bar = 50 and 10 µm, respectively.</p>