Physicochemical properties of the soil sampled in planting area of <i>Eucalyptus grandis</i> X <i>E. urophylla</i> hybrid.

(1)<p>Extracted with Mehlich-1.</p>(2)<p>Extracted with KCl 1 mol L<sup>−1</sup>.</p>(3)<p>Extracted with calcium acetate 0.5 mol L<sup>−1</sup>, pH 7.0.</p>(4)<p>Walkey & Black method.</p>(5)<p>P concentration in solution after 1 h shaking with a 60 mg L<sup>−1</sup> P (1∶10 soil:solution ratio) <a href="" target="_blank">[51]</a>.</p>(6)<p>Extracted with hot water.</p>(7)<p>Pipet method. SEB = Sum of Exchangeable Bases. ECEC - Effective Cation-Exchange Capacity. CEC (T) - Cation-Exchange Capacity in pH 7.,0. BS = Base Saturation. ASI = Aluminum Saturation Index.</p>