Phenotypic rescue of <i>parvin</i> by <i>D. pseudoobscura</i> fosmid.

<p>(<b>a–c</b>) Rounded/myospheroid muscle phenotype in <i>Mef2-GAL4/UAS-parvinIR</i> (TF11670) (<b>a</b>) is rescued by <i>FlyFos-pse-parvin</i> (<b>b</b>) to wild type (<b>c</b>); size bar corresponds to 100 µm. (<b>d</b>) Quantification of myospheroid phenotype rescue, percentage of segments containing rounded muscles are shown, below the total numbers of segments scored. (<b>e</b>) Quantification of larval size in <i>Mef2-GAL4/UAS-parvinIR</i> larva (red), rescued by one (light blue) or two copies of <i>FlyFos-pse-parvin</i> (dark blue), compared to wild type (green). Larvae 48–72 h after egg laying were assayed. Error bars indicate standard error of the mean (SEM), ***p<0.0001 (unpaired two-tailed t-test) compared to rescued larvae.</p>