Phenotypic rescue of parvin by D. pseudoobscura fosmid.

(a–c) Rounded/myospheroid muscle phenotype in Mef2-GAL4/UAS-parvinIR (TF11670) (a) is rescued by FlyFos-pse-parvin (b) to wild type (c); size bar corresponds to 100 µm. (d) Quantification of myospheroid phenotype rescue, percentage of segments containing rounded muscles are shown, below the total numbers of segments scored. (e) Quantification of larval size in Mef2-GAL4/UAS-parvinIR larva (red), rescued by one (light blue) or two copies of FlyFos-pse-parvin (dark blue), compared to wild type (green). Larvae 48–72 h after egg laying were assayed. Error bars indicate standard error of the mean (SEM), ***p<0.0001 (unpaired two-tailed t-test) compared to rescued larvae.