Phenotypes of Mediator subunit 18 (med18) mutants.

(A) Schematic diagram of the MED18 gene showing the locations of T-DNA insertions in the med18 mutants. Black rectangles represent exons, lines represent introns, and triangles represent T-DNA insertions; the med18-1 mutation corresponds to insertion line SAIL_889_C08, whereas the med18-2 mutation corresponds to insertion line, SALK_ 027178. (B, C) 35 day old wild type (B), med18-1 (C) plants. (D, E) Inflorescence of wild type (D), and med18-1 (E) plants. (F–H) Arabidopsis wild type (F), med18-1 (G), and dissected med18-1 (H) flower. (I, J) Transverse section of wild type (I), and med18-1 (J) carpels. (K, L) Anthers of wild type (K) and med18-1 (L) (stained with KI/I2) at time of flowering. Scale bars: 1 mm in D,E,F,G and H; 100 µm in I,J,K and L.