PfCelTOS-specific antibodies raised by protein immunization react with <i>P. falciparum</i> and <i>P. berghei</i> sporozoites.

<p>Reactivity of polyclonal anti-PfCelTOS antibodies against <i>P. falciparum</i> (Panel A) and <i>P. berghei</i> sporozoites (Panel B) and reactivity of PfCelTOS-specific mAb 2C7 against <i>P. falciparum</i> (Panel C) and <i>P. berghei-</i>specific mAb 15E2 (Panel D) against <i>P. berghei</i> sporozoites. The antisera used for the staining were from the post-3 sera ( =  prechallenge) and were tested at 1∶200 dilutions. Images were taken at 1,000x magnification.</p>