Performances of the ndBMI by using a data set generated from a Gamma Interval process with different values of the shape parameter k.

<p>(A, C) Ideal ad actual trajectories superimposed to the sensory regions obtained by using data generated by using five different values of the shape parameter of a Gamma interval process used to set the inter-spike intervals of the simulated spike trains. We ran the interface using the Gaussian (A) and Dipole (C) force fields with the Multiple-points algorithm. (B, D) Average within-trajectory position error across the three different conditions shows how the error decreases by increasing the regularity of the spiking of the M1 neurons. The * denotes that <i>wpte</i> depended significantly on ( one-way ANOVA) and is placed in correspondence of the values of for which <i>wpte</i> was significantly different from the “reference” condition with (Tukey hsd ).</p>